We take pride in introducing ourselves as one amongst the very few of Customs Build Switching Power Supply manufacturers in India. We are also largely involved in developing and manufacturing of DC - DC Converters, DC Switching Adapters, Special Types of Transformers. Inverters, Battery back-up Units & SMPS based Battery chargers.

Our company has a sound engineering background with good development facilities and skilled engineers. We have our manufacturing facilities at Goregaon (Mumbai) & Vasai (Thane) with well set quality assurance techniques for all the products manufactured at our unit.

We have served many small and medium sized companies with ISO9000 & other Quality certifications as OEM suppliers for the past 8 - 9 years. We welcome customers requiring OEM supplies as per their requirements and specifications.

There are many latest versions of SMPS for Various Industrial & Consumer Applications. These are redy to use products, they can also be modified as per your equipment's or requirements. It is also very compact, light in weight & easy to connect. These are some of the features, which makes it such a hit with the existing customers who have already implemented this unit as a part of their std. equipment.

Standard Features for SMPS

  • Ultra Compact open frame switching power supply. ( Low ripple & noise. )
  • Universal input 85-264vac, 50/60Hz. ( Easy connection. )
  • Industrial Grade Components. ( Soft start. )
  • Low Working Temperature. ( Reliable & cost efficient. )
  • Input Surge Current Limiting. ( 1 year product warranty. )